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About the Lower School

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Excellence - Diligence - Integrity - Grace

Why did we create a program for grades 6-8?

  • We wanted more for young people in our community.  

  • We wanted a place where they were safe to play, learn, and explore.

  • We wanted a school that values academic excellence and encourages empathy and resilience.


What we know:

  • Love of learning does not come from worksheets.

  • Growth does not come without challenges.

  • Empathy does not come from insulation.

  • Locking children behind desks and four walls is counterproductive to creative learning.

  • Skills and values like time management, accountability, teamwork, professionalism, diligence, and graciousness, are not supplementary, they are integral.

  • Class sizes should be small so teachers can be mentors and offer individualized support.

  • Teachers should be expert in their fields and teaching should be based on academic best-practice and student feedback.

We have created a school that values academic rigor, that prepares students for a successful college experience, and helps them to identify a career they will be passionate about.


It encourages entrepreneurship and community-mindedness, showing students that they are able to make positive differences to the world today, and in the future.


Our block schedule allows students to spend valuable time outside: playing, learning, and engaging.  Four days a week our Lower School students engagie in lessons held in our classrooms and acres of garden and forest. On Fridays, students are involved in projects and excursions.  This allows students to explore, experiment, and test what they are learning in a sustainable, practical way (learn more about our week here).


Our authentic learning model fashions our school day.  Students spend the morning on critical academic skills in mathematics and language arts.  In the afternoon they put theory into practice focusing their knowledge on real-world problems and projects.  Our teaching style is focused on the individual student, and our small class sizes allow teachers to be mentors, providing every student with the specialized attention they deserve.

Foundry Academy gives students the room to grow and the opportunity to discover their unique passions and abilities.

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