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Uniform Guidelines

Look through the guidelines below to see uniform specifications, then follow the steps to shop for clothing.

Upper school uniform guidelines (1).png
Upper school uniform guidelines.png


Order a Polo, Sweatshirt, and Foundry Friday Tee.  You will be notified by email when your order is ready for collection from the school.


Click on the images below to choose the correct brand and design of skorts, shorts or pants.  The link will take you to Amazon.  By using our affiliate links, the school is able receive a small amount of money and it costs you nothing extra!  If you can't find what you need please email Dr K who can find an alternative, or feel free to purchase similar navy or khaki items from French Toast direct (where they have adult sized uniform options) or Old Navy. J&R Clothing in Fayetteville also has uniform bottoms you can try on and purchase (please choose similar styles and our colors).

Skirts and shorts must be FINGER-TIP or Bermuda length or longer.

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