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Lower School Culture

We believe that academic success only occurs when a child is able to fully engage. 

This means they need to feel seen, safe, and accepted.  


Our Community

At Foundry Academy we are intentional about creating a strong community where kids of all cultures, backgrounds, and learning styles can come together.  We have ‘House', where we learn important life lessons, manners, and how to build friendships. We also forge team thinking through House games and celebrations (a little like Harry Potter, without the wizardry).  

Students learn optimistic thinking, self-control, motivation, conscientiousness, and grit through developmentally-appropriate challenges.

School is also full of events that engage students on a social, as well as an academic level.  We have class-themed parties like the Native American Festival, Highland Games, The Great Zimbabwe Gala, American Pioneer Day, and a ‘Try My Culture’ lunch. We celebrate holidays, birthdays, and have sporting carnivals and dances.  

At Foundry Academy we are a family where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

Our Teaching

Classes are designed to be small to ensure that teachers can address the unique needs of each student and can be mentors as well as instructors.  Students are also placed in Core Classes based on aptitude, not age, so they are given the appropriate level of instruction.

At Foundry Academy we aknowledge that every child is different. One student could be an auditory learner and another might better engage through reading, one could be highly gifted at English but challenged by math, or a student might form brilliant ideas but struggle to articulate them on paper due to dyslexia.   

Because we recognize that everyone has gifts and challenges, we have specifically designed the Foundry curriculum to ensure your child is given the attention they deserve in order to reach their potential.

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