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Our FAQs


Is this a Christian School?

While Foundry Academy is not a Christian school, we do believe there is an objective truth and objective moral standards.  This means children of all faiths and beliefs are welcome and the only religious instruction given is in the context of a world religions class. Certain Christian holidays are celebrated though, for example students put on Christmas plays and parties.

We also agree that, as the Declaration of Independence states, all people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

We believe that all human beings are created in the image of God and are precious.  We relish the responsibility of helping our precious students to grow into empathetic adults who know their inherent value.  

Is this a Montessori School?

This definitely isn't factory-style, teach to the test, education.  We don't use the Common Core, and we place students in math and English classes based on aptitude, rather than age. But we are not a Montessori School.


However, if you have a background in this style of education you will find some similarities.  For teenagers, Maria Montessori envisioned a farm where students would contribute to planning and decision making.  A place where children could refine their moral compass while developing a stronger sense of responsibility.  

These things are also true at Foundry Academy where our dual campus model allows students to care for their environment, grow in responsibilities, and develop into adults in a caring environment.

What is Authentic Learning?

At Foundry Academy, authentic learning is key: this means a curriculum designed to engage students through integrative dynamic real-world learning. 


We have core classes where students learn essentials in mathematics, reading, writing, and comprehension.  Then we have specialised classes where students explore new skills like Spanish, robotics, coding, and art.  Finally we have our 'Explorations' (science and history unit studies), and Friday excursions for students to explore, experiment, and test what they are learning in a practical way.

Is there a Part-Time Option?

We are not currently offering part-time options for middle schoolers.

Are there any Extra-Curriculars?

At Foundry Academy we want families to have a voice in their students' education.  We will create an extra-curricular program based on the students' wants and needs.  If there is interest in anything from archery to fencing to game design, we will have a meeting about how an extracurricular in that area might be organized.

What are the School Hours?

Doors open at 7:30am with lower school classes beginning at 8:30am.  School ends at 3:30pm. Students will be transported to all activities on Fridays and returned to the school to be picked up at the end of the day.
For our calendar, please click here.

What are the Class Sizes?

At Foundry Academy we know that individualized attention and forging close relationships is vital to learning and growing.  With this in mind, numbers are capped at 12 students for all core subjects.

Are there uniforms?

The research shows that uniforms enhance school pride, unity, and community spirit and create a level playing field among students, reducing peer pressure and bullying.  At Foundry Academy your student's uniform will consist of a school polo shirt, school sweatshirt, and navy pants, shorts, or skort.  The goal of our uniforms is to provide clothing that shows school spirit, is condusive to work and play, and is affordable for families.  Our school uniform shop can be found here.

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